Circulation Law


1. Material Cultivation and Harvest

Bamboo is cultivated and harvested by local villages. It can be used in medicine, in the building industry, for the production of various woody objects or as an ingredient of numerous delicious meals.

2. Production Processing and Packaging

Bamboo is trimmed, cut to size, cleaned and then sanitized naturally by soaking in vinegar and water for several hours. The straws are then dried in the sun and then packaged in locally produced mulberry and banana paper. 

3. Distribution Marketing and Logistics

Participating businesses can exchange their plastic straws for organic bamboo straws. The program will be advertised by word of mouth, internet, social media and flyers.

4. Usage Handling and Usage Period

Bamboo straws can be re-used many times for all types of beverages,  and cleaned using a dishwasher, or by hand with brushes. Old or worn straws can be returned for recycling.

5. Recycling

Old straws can be composted and used as fertilizer or as fuel.

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