Through our experience in rural Lao PDR, and with growing worldwide movements supporting urgency in environmental and cultural preservation and sustainability, we have come to understand that the coupling of cultural and environmental health and human well-being is virtually axiomatic. Further, managing human generated risks to society and the natural environment is central to the well-being of people and the planet. Through this understanding, we are committed to the view that it is imperative that greater priority and urgency be given to the elimination of cultural and environmental degradation and exploitation for short-term benefit globally.

Founded by the guiding principle of respect through preservation and preservation through education, our shared values are cultural and environmental health and sustainability, self-sufficiency, local involvement, and fair-trade economy. We believe that in order to save our Earth for the next generation to enjoy, we must do so holistically to preserve both the natural world, and the rich cultural traditions of community, story-telling, and spirituality. We guarantee that in all business practices we will behave ethically and sustainably in regards to the environment, people and culture. We promise that all funding will be used to help locals and our community directly.

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