1. To promote a global community and culture dedicated to living a sustainable life in tune with each other and the natural world. This project aims for sustainability in both physical and social environments, within the natural and spiritual, intellectual and emotional realms. We are very passionate about sharing our knowledge, ideas and inspiration. We are also very eager to learn from you. 

2. To support our local culture and community by providing economic opportunities which add dignity, value, and respect to traditional culture and sustainable ways of living. In this way, we provide an option for local families to use and share their vast knowledge and skills to substitute their subsistence living in a positive way, rather than looking for work in the cities or in factories.

Our vision of BambooLao is to educate; to grow people, to grow ideas, and to offer a living experience of what real wealth, happiness, and health can be. Through this awareness, we can realize our goal of sharing and promoting a greater respect and compassion for each other and for the earth, both of which we inherently depend on.

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