About Us

BambooLao is a group of people with different backgrounds and education who share a common environmental awareness. We are not a project, we are a challenge and we want to challenge you.

50% of the world’s plastic goes into single use items – bags, bottles, cups and straws. That plastic straw in your drink will be used only once, but will be on this planet forever, so better suck on this:

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet with numerous applications in medicine, construction and food. With a low cost of maintenance and no need for artificial fertilizers for optimal growth, bamboo is a sustainable option for reusable drinking straws.

BambooLao is situated in Ban Done Kang, with the ethnic group of the Khmu’s who are well known as hunters and gatherers. The locals of this village have learnt the ancient ways of the forest and discovered the secrets of bamboo. We work together with the village to harness their great potential of producing bamboo straws and support them in a mutual way by providing an exchange of knowledge and a new source of income.

Our goal is to replace plastic straws in Laos and beyond with reusable bamboo straws, which will provide opportunities for villages and greatly reduce plastic waste.

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